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Sell at Full Price Information

5480162_sNot all homeowners are able to sell for cash. Selling your home with owner financing is another avenue for homeowners to sell their home quickly and easily. Typically, this option for selling is best suited for homeowners needing to avoid a foreclosure or sell a property in which they have little to no equity in their home. Oftentimes, selling with owner financing is a much better option than attempting a short sale or being required to bring a lot of cash to the closing table.

There are many benefits of selling with owner financing in which homeowners can enjoy.

Below are some of the advantages to sellers.

  • Maximize the home’s selling price – In some cases even full price
  • Fast closing
  • Reduced closing costs
  • Shorter time on the market
  • Generate long-term cash flow
  • Turn your home into an investment backed by a tangible asset
  • Potentially avoid foreclosure or short sales. Click here to learn more about foreclosures & short sales.